Factors and tendencies of evolution changes of medical insurance development: international practice

  • Yu. Shevchuk University of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
Keywords: medical insurance; voluntary medical insurance; obligatory medical insurance; healthcare; convergence; divergence.


In article we.ve analyzed the development of national medical insurance through the prism of convergence and divergence. Defined the part of state expenses in total expenditures of healthcare in few EU and UIC countries in 2010, 2014, 2017 and 2018. Outlined three groups of countries by development of medical insurance financial support: 1) developed, who is characterized by convergence and mainly includes old EU countries; 2) developing countries, who is characterized both by convergence and divergence and mainly includes new EU countries; 3) new developing countries, who is characterized by divergence and mainly includes post-soviet countries including Ukraine and the least developed South European countries. Listed the international examples of medical insurance development based on convergence and divergence in European, Asian, North American, African and Persian regions.


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