Diversification of investment activity's financial sources in Ukraine

  • Y. Verheliuk University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
Keywords: diversification; sources of financing; financial resources; investment activity; foreign investment.


The article is devoted to the assessment of financing sources of investment activity in Ukraine from the point of view of their diversification. The emphasis is placed on the importance of financial provision of investment activity. In the context of external and internal sources of financing, the components have been evaluated, namely: self-financing, budget financing, bank lending, financing from foreign investments. In the course of the analysis it was revealed that self-financing dominates in the structure of financing sources of investment activity in Ukraine. The share of other financing sources is rather insignificant, which testifies to their inaccessibility for economic entities. In the course of assessing the dynamics of participation of foreign capital in financing investment activity in Ukraine, a slight increase in the analyzed period was detected, as well as a decrease in the indicator in 2017 due to the influence of a number of negative factors. Foreign investments are mainly directed to export industries or branches with a short production cycle, and a significant proportion of them are made using the technology of "round tripping", which is a negative trend. It was concluded that the uneven participation of funding sources and the concentration of self-financing of investment activity shows low possibilities of diversification of financing. To a greater degree, such a situation with the financing of investment activity is a reflection of the state and opportunities of the economy.


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