Right to privacy: a review of international and national legislation


The article explores the role and importance of confidential information in the life of modern society, focuses on the problems of ensuring the legal protection of confidential information. The degree of personal freedom in the state, democracy and humanity of the political regime depends on how guaranteed the confidentiality of information is, the secrets of the private life of citizens, how deeply a state can penetrate the content of these secrets. As a result of the study, theoretical statements were formulated proving the existence of the institution of confidential information, its significance in the development of communicative relations was determined, a classification of existing types of confidential information in the legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan was proposed with substantiation of its practical significance, the definition of secrecy in legislation was outlined, characteristics. Many of these problems have not been previously studied independently or are not sufficiently developed or require rethinking in relation to the new conditions of life in the country. Recently, there have been positive developments in terms of overcoming the previously established stereotypes of the secrecy cult. Many information barriers have been eliminated; methods of administrative-command management of information flows are eliminated. The general civilization process of creating the global information space implies greater openness of states. At the same time, the formation of a new statehood based on the principles of democracy, legality, the desire for more active cooperation with foreign countries based on the openness of the parties does not exclude the need to maintain state secrets and other types of confidential information.


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