Auto-psychological competence of future teacher as a component of professional training and development

Keywords: future teacher; professional training; professional development; components; content; auto-psychological competence.


This article discusses auto-psychological competence as a system of characteristics that provide a high level of professional competence. Determination of the auto-psychological competence is connected with the fact that a person involved in professional activities should know his / her individual characteristics, abilities and inclinations and use them as means of realizing this activity. In addition, the auto-psychological competence acts as a factor contributing to the professional development of a person, where decisive importance is acquired to: need for self-organization in professional activities, independence and self-responsibility of the future teacher. The auto-psychological competence as a component of professional competence contributes to the conscious perception of the future teacher of their activities and, accordingly, allows them to manage the processes of self-development and self-education in professional activities, as well as provides a concentration of individual experience for solving professional problems.  


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