Strategy and measures for reducing of flood risk in Balkan countries

  • L. Jovanović ALFA BK University & ECOLOGICA Society
Keywords: flood; risk reduction strategy; measures; monitoring; mapping; forecasting.


The EU Flood Directive states that flood risk management plans should focus on prediction, prevention, protection and preparedness. The legal framework of flood management in all countries of Western Balkan is aligned with the EU Flood Directive. Based on the Strategy for Water Management in the Republic of Serbia up to 2034, sector reforms will be implemented in order to achieve the necessary standards in water management. Structural measures (construction of flood defenses). Structural measures identified as “non-regret” in the Action Plan will be implemented through the EU Instrument for pre-accession assistance. The existing system of protection in the Republic of Serbia relies primarily on passive measures. In spite of such important infrastructure facilities, the concept of the fight against floods has proved to be unsustainable in recent times. Whereas the meteorological and hydrological conditions cannot be controlled early warning, preparedness and flood forecasts are essential to reduce the damages of flooding.


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