The cognitive mediating of personal development of medical students: genetic modeling approach

  • M. Vakhnovan Bogomolets national medical university
Keywords: the interdependence of thought and speech; learning foreign languages; universal subject code


The model of development of thinking of medical students based on genetic psychology is presented in the article. A model of the interdependence of thought and speech when learning a foreign language to medical students, represented by three factors: "Flexible verbalization – Central syntagmation speech associativity", "Shape activity – Logical associative pereference", "Associative gramaticly – analytic – Paradigmatics".  Teaching professional foreign language is considered as a process which is governed by the universal subject code, which is interpreted as a structure belonging to the cognitive sphere of the personality and determines the effectiveness of the implementation of external broadcasting. The differences in the activity of verbal and visual-figurative thinking on the material of native and foreign (German) language, developed rapid methods for assessing the activity of foreign speech and thinking with the help of registration performance in tasks of different types.  The constructed models of associative reactions on the material of native and foreign (German) language, the features of logic (Central, peripheral), and grammatical reactions (syntagmation, is paradigmatic).


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