Non-formal medical education of adults in Ukraine


The article is devoted to the analysis of theory and practice of adult education in Ukraine and the role of medical education and its structure. The author substantiates the urgency of adult education problems under modern socio-economic conditions in Ukraine. The aim of the article is to analyze the features of the medical education in the non-formal education institutions and to highlight promising areas of its development in the structure of non-formal adult education in Ukraine. The analysis of the priority areas for functioning of adult education centers in Ukraine as non-formal education institutions. The priority of informal adult education development has been grounded in Ukraine. It is emphasized that a developmental basis for regulatory and scientific-methodical components of adult non-formal education are comprehensive assessment, analysis of the thematic spectrum of adult learning needs and opportunities for their satisfaction, quality assessment, territorial and financial accessibility of different types of educational programs. Some aspects of adult education centers activity have been shown in the article. The attention is drawn to the necessity of expanding the circle of providers giving adult education services. The authors gave an example of providing additional services to students of medical education institutions and to some categories of adults in Ukraine which are provided by representatives of medical societies and associations. The promising areas of the development of medical education  in the structure of non-formal adult education can be as follows: implementation of cultural and medical projects , popularization of educational ideas of different categories of adults in the field of health protection, making educational environment for adults in the medical institutions as providers of educational services  in local communities.  In the future, the authors, analyzing the experience of providers of non-formal adult education, consider the doctors’ associations  to play the dominant role in the adult education in Ukraine.


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