“Oncorecovery” - innovative approach in oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery in breast cancer treatment in Ukraine

  • L.M. Derkach Dnipro Humanitarian University
  • D.G. Mozhaev Dnipropetrovsk Medical and Surgical Center named after Pirogov
Keywords: breast cancer; oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery; psychological support.


Breast cancer is ranked first among women with cancer.  Surgical treatment is included in all programs for radical treatment of breast cancer.  Oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer significantly improves the quality of life of patients.  However, the satisfaction of patients with the aesthetic result of cancer operations may be different.  This is influenced by the patient's awareness of the possible methods and risks of surgery in her case and the coordination of the work of the team of oncologist and plastic surgeon.  To solve this problem, the concept of ONCORECOVERY is proposed, which involves combining knowledge of breast cancer, plastic surgery and psychology into one specialist.  The advantage of the concept is the effective communication between the patient and the surgeon who has skills in cancer surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery of the breast.  This approach allows you to choose the optimal type of surgery, considering the wishes of the patient and provide psychological support before and after surgery to obtain a high level of satisfaction with the result.


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