Public administration of economic and ecological urbanization consequences

Keywords: world's urbanization processes; public administration; ecological urbanization consequences.


Urbanization is main demographic issue measured with relative terms: population increase and decrease, international migration. Nowadays, more than half world's population lives in cities. Ukraine is a part of world's urbanization processes, even if the positive dynamic does not exist. This is due to lack of investigations those processes, the gap between the world agenda and the processes of public policy formation and implementation in Ukraine in various fields, as well as a number of other factors, both internal and external, which in turn provoke a certain amount of risks and threats. The totality of the consequences of urbanization processes form before the domestic system of public administration several problems, the solution of which in the future is the key to respecting the rights and freedoms of people and their safe coexistence.    The key urbanization trends in Ukraine and around the world. The urbanization issue is the subject of research and activity by some organizations, such as the United Nations, the Central Intelligence Agency and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The Organization of Union Nations conducts the investigation of the urbanization's pace and dynamic processes in the world and highlights the data in World Urbanization Prospects: The Revision. The urbanization development processes are caused by several prerequisites, factors and factors that relate to different spheres of human life, but it is undeniable that urbanization is primarily a consequence of the human civilization development. The rapid urbanization processes began in the 1950s, but it should be noted that those processes are often uncontrolled and require a detailed investigation of their condition, identification of trends and risks that may arise.


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