Features of unilateral deals interpretation

Keywords: civil deal; unilateral deal; interpretation; will; ways of interpretation; rules of interpretation; court practice.


Іn this paper the object of the research is unilateral deals from the point of view of their content interpretation. The authors study the contents and features of the interpretation of unilateral deals. Identify existing methods and rules of interpretation of unilateral deals. Analyzed the jurisprudence concerning the interpretation application of certain provisions of the civil law in relation to unilateral deals. In general, the legislation of Ukraine in the studied aspect is slightly different from the legislation of other countries. It can even be recognized that the domestic system has a greater degree of unification of legal rules, which contains uniform rules of interpretation for virtually all types of deals. Due to this fact the mechanism of interpretation is more transparent, eliminates the diversity of interpretations of the same type of deals. Thus, the interpretation mechanism as a whole in the civilistic field is formed, but some of its elements require clarification, concretization, improvement, taking into account the peculiarities of different types of deals interpretation, including unilateral ones.


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