The genesis of proportionality: from the idea to the general principle of law

  • K. Hridina Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs
Keywords: the principle of proportionality; the idea of proportionality; legal state; restrictions on human rights and freedoms, equality.


The article involves discovering of the genesis of the idea of proportionality from the idea to the general principle of law. The purpose is to discuss the questions of the origin of this principle, its backgrounds and content of its ideas. Upon examination, this research highlights, that the principle of proportionality is a general principle of law which is an integral element of the legal system and is intended to ensure the rule of law. It is undeniable that the principle of proportionality has passed a long way in its formation and development. Over the centuries, reflecting the objective reality through the prism of different approaches to legal thinking, the idea of proportionality has been developing and finding its new manifestations. The findings may be useful for studying the implementation of the principle of proportionality, in particular in the field of protection of human rights and freedoms, in various legal systems.


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