Counteraction violent crime against children normativ regulation: improvement urgency

  • M. Korniienko Odesa State University of Internal Affairs
Keywords: violent crime against children; regulatory framework; European Court of Human Rights; international regulatory framework, Convention on the Rights of the Child.


The urgency of the article is stipulated by the need to elucidate normative regulation of counteraction violent crime against children as a factor in the effective activities of the relevant state agencies in the conditions of the rule of law principle implementation. It is emphasized that the issue of counteraction child abuse is relevant to several states of the world community and in some cases becomes international. It is concluded that the issue of counteraction violent crime against children should be considered at both national and international level. It is noted that the international instruments (hard law and soft law as wel) enshrine the positive obligations of the states, according to which national authorities should regulate relations on ensuring the rights of the child, set up appropriate state agencies, including agencies for counteracting violent crime against children. Attention is drawn to the fact that the international level of regulation on the whole allows to determine the basic principles of counteracting violent crime against children, and the national level of regulation should be constantly improved, taking into account international trends in this field.


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