Praxeological judgment of conceptualization and theoretical models of the memory phenomenon in the study of J. Baudrillard's heritage

Keywords: memory; phenomenology of memory; heritage of J. Baudrillard; activity approach; skills; philosophy of profession


The nature of global world transformations correlated to overwhelming systemic crises and contradictions and the transition of humanity to a new course of civilizational development, which is characterized by dynamic processes of digitization, the spread of hyperreality, the transition of human activity towards a virtual dimension. Current trends determine the prerequisites of ontological and epistemological understanding of sustainable social development vector, as well as relevant strategies for the educational improvement aimed at gaining relevant skills that allow one to achieve his goals and results. The goal of the following scientific exploration is to apply the heuristic memory models knowledge to the interpretation of the praxiological results; it is directed at analyzing the heritage of Jean Baudrillard's personality, his projects, contributions to the development of philosophy and science; issues preserved in the living memory of experts for methodological value in education and self-education, in the practice of developing the skills, as well as relevant skills regarding the next generations. This praxeological concept is aimed at verifying the results of philosophical interpretation of theoretical models of the memory phenomenon in the practice of understanding the philosophy of J. Baudrillard and his memory heritage. Within the activity approach we have comprehended works of academician G. Popov, in the tradition of his school and in solidarity with his concepts of activity approach to the study of generations’ memory, thus, we analyse practical lessons in teaching and educating relevant skills in the individual, verified by the requirements of society, such a philosophical under-standing contributed to the understanding of ontological, epistemological, axiological and praxeological aspects of further analysis. Based on the principle of unity of theory and practice, we managed to develop a system of practice-philosophical analysis in the application of semi-structured interviews experts, who are followers, successors, critics and independent researchers, i.e., the  «Carrier data» of the philosophical, anthropological, psychological and sociological memory inheritance of Jean Baudrillard, the ‘productive’ figure in history, who for a reason is also the subject claimed to be the "Europe's last prophet». Concerning the results of the scientific exploration, we shall consider the role and influence of the environment and world memory "constructs" and history on the memory formation of an authentic person, his works, achievements and results of creativity, on the determination of memory content of an individual, as well as on wherewith these data may be used in contemporary conditions from an active approach to the philosophical and practical conclusion of methodologies and educational technologies relevant and promising in the 21st century.


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