Genetic psychology: problems and perspective (basics of concept)

Keywords: psychological practice; ontogenesis; learning; developmental psychology.


Modern practical psychology is rather a many-colored and, at the same time, a sad picture. A great number of empirical data (which very often tell about something they do not know), handmade, everyday in their essence theoretical schemes, which usually describe only one thing – peculiarities for mental process of their authors and somewhere quite apart – the fundamental philosophic methodological provisions about being and awareness, activity, essence and phenomenon, etc. The important motive of our higher attention to methodological bases for genesis of psychics is the desire to get moving a number of problems in psychological practice. The absence of efficient theoretical basis causes, for example, to the situation when such necessary and important work in the sphere of child developmental psychology is just absent or is based only on everyday notions of general psychologist. Our data also tell that the integrity in ontogenesis of psychics should be considered in another plane – as integrity of human life journey since birth until death. Hereby we should not abstract from anatomic morphological structures (dispositions), about which our psychology shyly kept silence for many years. So, the specificity of ontogenetic human development is that it is subject to effect of biological laws (as development of animals) and effect of social historical laws. Thus, the object of genetic psychology is personality, spiritual physical individual, born by its own subject-based practical activity, which later is transformed into its own activity in some aspects.


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