Structure of personal components of the professional Self-concept of future lawyers

  • V.Yu. Kuzmina
  • O.A. Hulbs
  • V.V. Ponomarenko
  • O.D. Turyansky
Keywords: lawyer's personality; Self - concept of personality; professional Self-concept; professional self-awareness; structure of the lawyer's Self-concept; personal components of the lawyer's Self-concept; educational and professional activities of future lawyers.


The article highlights the issues of substantiation of the structure of personal components of the lawyer's self-concept, according to which a holistic study of the process of forming the latter in educational and professional activities, revealing its essence as a specific personal education implies a clear understanding of the structural components, the level of development based on a system of criteria and relevant indicators, psychological and pedagogical conditions. It is determined that the professional Self-concept of a lawyer reflects the specifics of the social and legal reality that lawyers deal with during their professional activities. The personal components of the structure of the lawyer's Self-concept are professional knowledge, feelings, value orientations, legal attitudes, stereotypes of socially active lawful behavior and professional experience, which are characterized by the goals, objectives, nature of the lawyer's activity and working conditions of lawyers. Features of the structure of the lawyer's Self-concept are expressed not only in their knowledge of the norms and categories of law, but also in the use of moral principles in solving professional problems, which allows them to form a special professional attitude to the law and the practice of its implementation, as well as to their behavior in this process. Having a complex structure allows you to understand and understand professional activities more fully and objectively.


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