Study of the genesis of families, having a child with cerebral problems

  • S. V. Grygorieva Bogomolets national medical university
  • V.Ye. Lunov Bogomolets national medical university
Keywords: maternity ontogeny; attachment dynamics; separation disorders; oedipal conflict; self-identification; family; children with cerebral palsy.


Questions of attachment, in particular family relationships are traditionally relevant, both in scientific and applied psychology. A special interest of the author was attracted by the problem of attachment in families with children suffering from cerebral palsy, because of organic disorders, attachment here takes the form of "absolute attachment" and the child to mother and mother to the child. In the article psychological features of child-parent relations in families with children with cerebral palsy are considered. The relationship between a mother-child dyad in 1m and 2m generations, specificity, and patterns of development of dependent relationships are considered in detail. Intergenerational mechanisms of transmission of violations of the family system related to separation, self-identification, controlling upbringing and attachment are explained. A profile of the personality of a woman who has a risk of giving birth to a child with a developmental disability is indicated. The temporal orientation of the woman's personality and the unconscious strategy of the pre-depressive position in which they are. A model is developed that demonstrates the psychological structure of family relations, the place and role of the child's father in this structure. Based on a study that points to the presence of moral and masochistic moms and a tendency to unconscious confrontation of physical activity, recommendations are suggested in the work.


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