The problem of psychological competence in medical education: from professional knowledge to skills

Keywords: psychological competence; professional development; stages of formation of professional abilities; professional becoming of specialist; medical education.


The article analyzes the problem of psychological competence in medical education, the main approaches to the problem of professional becoming a specialist.  The stages of development of the doctor in the professional sphere, stages of formation of professional abilities from professional knowledge to skills in the process of mastering the profession are considered. The general characteristic of professional formation and level of professionalism is given. The analysis of stages of professional formation of specialists is presented, psychological and pedagogical peculiarities of formation of professional competence of future physicians at the stage of professional formation are determined. The analysis of scientific sources suggests that the problem of studying professional development is in the constant focus of many scholars who determine the nature and stages of professional development, psychological peculiarities, psychological and pedagogical conditions and factors of professional development of the individual. The professional competence of a doctor is a complex of skills acquired in the process of training the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the performance of their professional duties. Professional competence of physician-psychologist includes not only emotional-sensual sphere, but also knowledge and skills required for both physician and psychologist. The educational process of preparing a future doctor should include not only a professional but also a personal development of a specialist, both at the pre-graduate stage and at the post-graduate level. The main ideas of the concept of self-regulation of the professional genesis of the physician's personality are revealed.


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