The features of life activities of elderly people with different hardiness

Keywords: life activities; hardiness; attitude to life; age periods; elderly person.


The article disuses the external and internal factors influencing elderly people’s life. The role of hardiness as a personal characteristic is analyzed, it helps to transform unfavorable life moments into experience and successfully continue one’s life path. The elderly age periods are described; it gives an opportunity to objectify significant components of elderly people’s life. The empirical data were obtained from the study on the peculiarities of the elderly people’s life, which examined five-year sub-stages and general hardiness and its components at these sub-stages. It was determined that elderly people with high hardiness were ready to accept new experiences, remained open to the outside world, to self-knowledge, they were ready to accept and experience ageing, existential, life or worldview crises and responded constructively to life changes. Elderly people with medium hardiness made sufficient internal efforts to solve certain difficulties, but more often did it not in a strategic way but in a situational one. Elderly people with low hardiness suffered from external and internal influencing factors, experienced difficulties in overcoming such factors and their lifestyle was affected. The obtained empirical data showed the differences and features of elderly people’s hardiness at various old age sub-stages. The dominant life strategies of elderly people were interpreted, which characterized elderly people hardiness in a certain way, as “life-affirming attitude to life”, “moderately effective attitude to life” or “suppressed attitude to life”. The article considers hardiness as a personal feature that allows elderly people to accept themselves, their living space, feel satisfied with life, be active and help other people. Hardiness is a kind of driving force that allows people to create their own way of life, which is especially important at the old age. Hardiness is at the heart of life; it is reflected in the quality of elderly people’s life.

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