Psychological bases of persistence

  • V. A. Tashmatov Одеський державний університет внутрішніх справ
Keywords: personality, adaptivity, activity, personality potential, firmness, complementary, persistent


In the psychological context of persistent provides achieving of personality; serves as the internal condition of organization of vital functions of man, regulator of major moral values. An of psychological structure of persistent is multidimensional and bipolar education that is stipulated by belonging to individual - personality of to the level; the individually - typical variants of realization of persistent are correlated with the valued orientations of personality and parameters of her professional activity. One of of the most meaningful internalss of persistent personality, which influence on becoming of general personality potential, is complimentarnity. Persistent of is stability, firmness of personality, ability to accumulate and long time retain corresponding properties and internalss even in unfavorable circumstances or in circumstances that does not assist a personality height. The basic constituents of persistent can be: requirement in active activity; positive complimentarnity; leadership - mainly in a small group; a display of conations is in gaining end; adaptivity; aspiring is to the healthy way of life. As of empiric guarantors of persistent can come forward: certain level of development of necessity of personality of in self - actualization, feature of localization of responsibility, personification and style of interpersonality co - operation. Negative of internalss of persistent personality are an egocentrism and conservatism, thus persistent egocentrism - a concept is wide - they carry out the activity directed for the good of the nearest surroundings and itself including. Conservatism of of persistent also has primary cause - it foremost creation of stability, persistent - the best keepук traditions, although any innovations and changes they can perceive exactly as violation of traditions.


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