Gender aspect of self‐determination of a leader and the pecularities of decision‐makings

  • D. Chmerynska G.S.Kostiuk Institute of Psychology of NAES of Ukraine
Keywords: professional and management self‐determination, self‐realization, management decision, gender peculiarity guidance, management quality.


Professional management self‐determination is defined by a person who combines the generalized understanding of the management and generalized ideas about himself or herself determining the meaning of the profession. Dynamics of professional selfmanagement is defined in changing the attitude towards a person as the subject of management and changing the criteria of personal relationships. More profound and updated professional and managerial self‐determination is manifested throughout professional life of a person. It is reflected in the fact that the image of professional managers is expanding and the acceptance of a person as a professional is being corrected, and the relationship to a managing profession and his or her part in it is reviewed. The result of each phase is the adoption of individual criteria of management excellence and the identification with them. Influence of gender aspects on professional self‐determination of an individual is not only the process of selfrealization, but also the choice of way of life, as well as its relationship with social environment and personal social experience obtaining. According to the ideas, decision‐making is an important aspect of leadership. Organizational, situational and personal factors are signified that promote and prevent effective solutions. Two features dealing with problem situations have been found: the focus on existing patterns, the generation of new solutions.  


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