The problem of the psychodiagnostic and pychocorrection of the womens' disharmonies

  • I. V. Kukulenko-Lukyanets Черкаський національний університет імені Б. Хмельницького
Keywords: he symptom complex masculinity/femininity, anxiety, psychodiagnostic, psychocorrection, worldcreative nature, the conceptual model, psychological defense mechanisms.


The article presents the results of the experimental research with the orientation on the necessity of the diagnostics and psychocorrection of the symptom complex masculinity/femininity in the structure in the psychic of the women-educator. The realization of the experimental research was based on the four main components: the conceptual imagination about worldcreativenature of the women; psychodiagnostic component; psychocorrection component; actualization of the creative potential of the woman. The paper presents the characteristic features that are inherent in masculinity and femininity. It was determined that there is a need to develop in the women-educators, some masculine traits, since they reduce internal anxiety and stress. Psychological defense mechanisms can keep psychic balance of the person, lower levels of anxiety, tension, but very often cause destructive reactions of the person regressive behavior, closed to new experiences. In addition, the psychic defenses make their role temporarily, but the problem remains. Emotional experiences have the ability to lift the unconscious, repressed, significant emotional content of previous experience. Therefore, an important point for the determination of the dominant qualities in the woman's person has her diagnosis proximity to masculinity, femininity, or androgen behavior


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