General information

The journal was established in 2014 by the decision of the Academic Council of the Makiyivka Institute of Economics and Humanities (accredited by the International Educational Society, London, Great Britain). The establishing of the journal was a continuation of the collaboration of the Council of Young Scientists of Institute with the US Peace Corps in Ukraine, volunteers of the US Peace Corps - members of the American Political Science Association, Northeastern Political Science Association, Association For Slavic, East European, And Eurasian Studies.
The journal “Fundamentalʹnye i prikladnye issledovaniâ v praktikah veduŝih naučnyh škol” received (ISSN-L): 2313-7525. The electronic version of the journal (2014-2015) was published on the publishing platform "RAE Editorial System" (RF).
In 2014, by SCIREG C CORPORATION, EIN 33-1219486, San Jose, California, USA, was granted copyright for the publication of the journal (ID 1192528236, dated 04/11/2014).
Since 2015, the official website of the publication is
Due to the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, the editorial staff and management of the Journal were forced to localize in Kiev, and the Canadian publishing office “Accent Graphics Communications & Publishing” (807-2625 Regina st., Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 5W8, Canada, Telephone: 905-525-5961, (hidden)
EDITORIAL ADVISER & CO-PUBLISHER - Director Alexander Mintz, Dr.H.C., Accent Graphics Communications & Publishing (Canada).
EDITORIAL ADVISER - Richard Andrew Iserman, Dr. H. C., Democracy International, Bethesda, MD (USA).
EDITOR IN CHIEF - Vitalii Lunov, Ph.D. in Psychology, Dr.H.C., Professor of RANH, Full Member of World Federation for Mental Health, Member of American psychological association (USA), Hon. Ph.D. of Academic union, Oxford, UK.
Journal articles are assigned DOIs, issued by the Canadian publishing house “Accent Graphics Communications & Publishing” (Doi prefix: 10.33531).